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What is a Pterygium?


A pterygium is a growth of tissue from the conjunctiva (white part of the eye) that extends over the Cornea (clear part of the eye). Sunlight exposure has been linked to ptrygium development. Pterygia can be in one or both eyes. The growth is not dangerous but can be cosmetically unpleasing.

Most pterygia cause redness and injection. This can be settled with topical eye drops.  Drops do not remove a pterygium, but may reduce redness and irritation. Some pterygia require surgical removal if:

  • They grow rapidly

  • Do not settle with eye drops

  • Grow near the visual axis of the eye

  • Are cosmetically unpleasing

How is a Pterygium treated?

This is performed as a day case by Dr Ferdinands and is performed under local anaesthetic infiltration and sedation.

The pterygium is removed and an Auto-graft (conjunctival graft from the white of the eye) is sutured in place. This technique provides the best cosmetic appearance and the lowest rate of re-growth of the pteyrgium over your life-time.

What is involved in Pterygium surgery?
What Pterygium services are offered by Dr Ferdinands?

Dr Ferdinands has performed hundreds of successful Pterygium and Auto-Graft procedures, which is offered via Day Stay Theatre.

If you are interested in Pterygium surgery, you can book an appointment with Dr Ferdinands at the Geelong Eye Centre on (03) 5221 6555.

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