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What are some common eyelid problems?


Eyelid cancers: basal cell carcinomas, squamous cell carcinomas

Eyelid Inflammation: Chalazions- blocked oil gland ducts
Eyelid laxity: loose eyelids are common as we get older due to loss of elastic tissue. This can result in sagging lids, constant watering and discomfort.
Excess upper lid skin: excess lid skin can result in watering, heaviness and obstruction of the visual axis. It can also be cosmetically unpleasing. This can be fixed with a blepharoplasty procedure (the skin is removed).
Tear duct narrowing: Punctal stenosis can cause a chronic watering eye.

Surgical options for a watery eye include surgery for punctual stenosis, lid laxity or a bypass procedure (dacryocystorhinostomy). The choice of surgery depends on the cause of the watering.


Cancers need to be removed. Most can be treated very successfully with surgical excision.  Larger cases (larger cancers) may require more complex excision and eyelid reconstruction.

What can be done for eyelid cancers?
What can be done for a watery eye?
Do I need to be admitted to a hospital for common eyelid problems?

Not all eyelid procedures require admission to hospital. Small procedures can be performed in Dr Ferdinands’ comfortable, modern and fully equipped Minor Procedures suite at the Rooms.

For more complex cases (ie. Excision of cancer with reconstruction), you will require hospital admission for the day.


What Eyelid Procedures are offered by Dr Ferdinands?

Dr Ferdinands offers all forms of eyelid surgery in Geelong.  He most commonly performs private blepharoplasties, lid tightening procedures and cancer excisions.

To address any eyelid problems, you can book an appointment with Dr Ferdinands at the Geelong Eye Centre on (03) 5221 6555.

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